Social advertising informed by
human behaviour.

Meta advertising training and
consulting for growing brands.

Ads done differently

We’re over a lack of transparency.

We’re over cookie-cutter creatives.

And we’re definitely over hefty minimum ad budgets.

Ads Haus is a multi-award-winning national and international digital marketing consultancy specialising in Facebook and Instagram (Meta) and Spotify advertising.

We offer social media advertising coaching, strategy and retainers that deliver results.

No fluff, vanity metrics or pressure selling; we’re honest to a fault. 

We are your ad strategy partner.

Human-centred social advertising

Welcome to our Haus

Ads Haus creates compelling advertising strategies informed by behavioural science; that’s why our ads convert.

We work with eCommerce and online businesses globally and regionally.

Our customers include:

  • An ethical fashion brand in New Zealand with 20 stores 
  • A marketing training brand that delivers online courses worldwide
  • An e-commerce linen brand for babies with over $100m in sales 
  • A next-generation B2B legal firm who loves to break down stereotypes

Beyond retainers

Not every brand needs a paid advertising retainer. There we said it.

Monthly retainers are foisted on brands by agencies, and that’s often the only way to access advertising support.

Not around here. We have reimagined support for our clients that makes the most sense for them.

Our services include:

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Meet your ad strategist

Ads Haus founder and experienced agency director Tenai Seymour combines her degrees in marketing and psychology to create compelling advertising strategies informed by behavioural science. 

Tenai is fed up with advertising agencies that cloak ads in mystery and hand off clients to inexperienced account managers after sweet-talking them into hefty retainers.

Tenai brings a rural perspective to the online business world, one that’s more human, collaborative and community focused. She lives and works rurally in Stanthorpe, nestled in Queensland’s Granite Belt region.

Swoon-worthy Meta advertising results

We surpassed our monthly goal of $100K in revenue in Black Friday sales for an e-commerce client. The ads were turned off early as they sold out of stock in under two weeks.

Monthly Ad spend: $9500

ROI: 953.68%. For every dollar spent, they earned back $9.54. 

An equine product brand stuck in continual sale cycles saw a 51% increase in sales during Nov 2023 without offering discounts.

Monthly Ad spend: $3100

In their most recent campaign, we achieved a 17% conversion rate for an online course client.

Monthly Ad spend: $700

You don’t need big bucks to get results, but you do need your marketing ducks in a row.

Before running ads, you should have sorted:

Facebook, Instagram and Spotify Advertising Specialists.

We are not unicorns because unicorns don’t exist. We are specialists, and that means that we do a few things really well.

Meta and Spotify ads are where we exclusively play. We know the ins and outs of those platforms and have a proven track record of results. Updates can occur without warning on these platforms, but we can jump on them immediately as we work across multiple accounts daily.

Meta platforms, in particular, are constantly evolving, and it’s a full-time job to keep up with these updates. Luckily for you, that’s our full time role. 

Supporting rural, regional and remote brands

A one-size-fits-all marketing approach won't cut it when connecting with rural communities or expanding your rural business. Business is done differently rurally, and we’re here for it. Integrity, legitimacy, and collaboration are the rural way and the Ads Haus way. Tenai is a former Digital Agency Director for a major Australian marketing agency. In another life, she worked in the field as a cattle exporter and FIFO worker on gas pipelines.

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Client insights

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Unlock the Power of Facebook Ads

Learn to set up and run your own high converting Facebook ads (without making the usual rookie