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Welcome to our haus

If you’re here, it means you’re ready to move past the boost button.
And you don’t have to be in the dark any longer about selling on social media.
Leave your competitors to boost and lose. You’re ready to reach your next level of success.

take the next step

The boost button is great – for brand awareness (and you may have even seen a return from some ads). But, your bottom line doesn’t care about brand awareness.

You can get all the likes in the world but that doesn’t translate to money in the bank.

Facebook Ads Manager is the next step for business owners ready to:

take the next step

The boost button is great – for brand awareness (and you may have even seen a return from some ads). But, your bottom line doesn’t care about brand awareness.

You can get all the likes in the world but that doesn’t translate to money in the bank.

Facebook Ads Manager is the next step for business owners ready to:

Move past the boost button
Understand your customers better
Have your customers banging down your doors (digitally or physically)
A person is being recognized as a finalist for the Australian Small Business Champion Awards in 2023.
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Badge for receiving the Silver International Business Awards.
The image is showing a business being awarded the gold winner of the Beam Awards in 2023.
This image is showing that Beam Awards has awarded the Regional/Rural/Remote Business of the Year for 2023.
This image is celebrating the recognition of a social media agency as a silver winner of the Beam Awards in 2023.

I help grow your business with confidence by

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1:1 training

Helping you run your own ads Sometimes it feels like Facebook ads are deliberately confusing. Wouldn’t it help to have a Facebook ads specialist (and Elite Ads Manager!) on tap to answer your curliest questions? Get clear and confident with Facebook Ads Coaching Sessions — no matter where you’re at with ads.

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Copy, Paste, Sell

A customized ad campaign strategy
A complete 1-month advertising strategy
You’ll gain clarity & have a unique plug ‘n play plan of attack before you waste your ad spend budget
Plus, a power-hour strategy call to help you implement into your campaign

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Done For you

Ad Campaign Management

A full-service strategy, campaign build and monthly management package

With weekly updates & transparent monthly reports

Hey! I am Tenai

I started Ads Haus with the mission to help small businesses conquer Facebook Ads after managing ad campaigns that have produced $1.37 million in revenue to date (and still counting) for big-budget businesses.

I’m here to help pull the curtain back on Facebook Ads Manager so you can reach your business goals fearlessly. I’ll help you learn how to appease the Facebook Gods with their ever-changing algorithm, as well as make reading the data fun

(yes, this is a magical talent of mine)

While I currently work on a mix of medium and large-scale campaigns for both service and product-based businesses across countless industries, I created Ads Haus so that small businesses and sole traders can get a leg-up in the industry as well. Because Facebook Ads shouldn’t be reserved just for big business with big ad spend budgets.

When you work with Ads Haus, you get the same level of service as the big guys, with the small business personal touch only a boutique agency can offer. You’ll have the confidence to break into advertising with a reliable marketer (with serious street cred and a couple of Degrees) in your corner.

I can help you strategise, organise and implement your Facebook & Instagram Ads, whether you need upskilling or someone to take it off your to-do list completely.

I get it - you're sceptical!

So, why don’t I stop talking and just show you?

Real results from campaigns I managed

Training Client

Real results after 2 training sessions

Industry: Tourism – Luxury Accommodation

Date: September 2020 Campaign

Management Client

Industry: Children’s Accessories

Date: July 2020 Campaign

With this long-term client, we were able to pivot our campaign structure when COVID hit and make the most of the online shopping boom.

Management Client

Industry: Pet Accessories

These results are from their first month’s campaign. This client had a substantial social media following that we were able to leverage with a seasoned pixel.

Training Client – Management of single campaign

This client initiated training sessions to obtain a better understanding of how Ads could be used within their organisation.  With a limited timeframe, Ads Haus was engaged to manage a single campaign for an upcoming conference.  This was their first campaign run with a new pixel.

Industry: Health & Wellbeing

Date: Sept-Oct 2022

This image is showing a breakdown of the amount spent, purchases, and return on ad spend for a period of two months.

Management Client

Industry: Baby Bottles/ feeding

Date: Nov–Dec 2022

This long-term client participated in Green & Black Friday sales, we focused on warming audiences in preparation for the sale and strategically segmented the audiences to push different creatives with the same messaging. Turning $1,310.13 in ad spend into over 10K in purchases tracked in ads manager and 12.2K worth of attributed sales based in Google Analytics.


This image is displaying data from the last 30 days regarding ad sets, facebook ads, cost per result, amount spent, ROAS value and more
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A sign on a gold background reads 'The best is yet to come'

Management Client

Industry: Dog Training

Date: November 2022

We have been able to ensure that this client’s 1:1 services are booked out a month in advance and have focused on building brand awareness and authority in her field within the local community.  We are now preparing for stage 2 of the strategy, collecting data with a 11.22% CTR with the goal to move the focus of our ads to digital courses and memberships resulting in passive income. It is important to have a plan and execute each step effectivity to reach each of your short and long-term goals.


This image is showing the results of an online marketing campaign, including the number of clicks, CTR, reach, frequency, cost per result, and more

and if data is not enough...

Working with Ads Haus is easy as

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Book a free 15-minute chat with Ads Haus to help you find the right service for your business

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Together, we will create a strategy to reach your customers

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We’ll grow your business together with confidence

Ready to confidently build your business with Facebook & Instagram Ads?

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