Client: ADHA WA

ADHD WA is a not for profit organisation that works closely with ADHD specialists to provide services that inform, support, and advocate for people affected by learning and attentional disorders in Western Australia.

The strategy and results from working with ADHD WA were used as case study evidence as part of the International Titan Awards under the Marketing Category where Ads Haus won gold against over 20 finalists worldwide.

The Challenge:


In 2022 ADHD WA initially contacted Ads Haus after a recommendation, they were struggling to hit 300 tickets to hit their break even point a month out from their inaugural conference.


Carrying on from the successful campaign from 2022 ADHD WA approached Ads Haus wanting to further strengthen their position as a competitor launched into the market after the original conference with an inferior event. A two phased strategy was created to increase Brand Awareness, and initiate limited Early Bird Tickets created a longer term campaign that would leverage off the data gathered in stage one for a heavier conversion focus in stage two.


This will be our third consecutive year running the Ads Campaign to promote the Annual Conference, we have taken learnings from previous years and adapted the strategy to suit what is working currently.  Again we have opted for a two phased approach, this time introducing Lead Generation early on as part of the Brand Awareness Stage.

The Solution:

2022 we reacted to the situation presented, the conference was within a month, the website did not have a pixel installed and we focused heavily on direct conversions to at least reach break even point.

“I cannot thank you enough for all of your work and guidance – we are now at 322 face to face sales and 106 online – Total of 428.” As at 11th October 2022 at the end of Ads management, sales continued to trickle in as a result of the ads, the conference was a sell out in person and led to increased profit allowing more funding to go towards 2023 conference.

2023 we were able to create a longer term strategy to amplify the results of the previous year and opted for Brand Awareness via an Event Response Campaign moving to conversion as part of Stage two. We also utilised our previous top performing top of funnel cold audience and increased the geographic location as they were afforded more time to pre-plan accommodation if required (the geographic location was limited on the previous years campaign as we were promoting tickets close to the conference date)

In-person tickets once again sold out, and a record return on investment through ads. With the longer term staged approach seen the cost per acquisition halved compared to the 2022 Campaign with a record overall ROAS of 21.05.

2024 we have adapted our strategy from 2023 to include Lead Generation as well as Event Engagement Campaigns, spending as low as $2 per day over a longer time period to build Brand Awareness and create a warm audience in preparation for the next Stage which is due to start in July 2024.


Ads Management
Annual ads spend budget Between $1100 – $2000


Stage 1 

2022 – Event Response overall cost – $0.66

2023 – Event Response overall cost – $0.34

2024 – Event Response overall cost – $0.21

Stage 2

2022 – Conversion overall cost per acquisition – $9.13

2023 – Conversion overall cost per acquisition – $4.55

2024 – Conversion overall cost per acquisition – TBA

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