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For eCommerce businesses looking to boost their impact

Stop the scroll with made-for-you video content — and keep ’em keen with optimised, data-driven campaigns

“I feel like I have a thorough understanding of my Ads account by the way Tenai explained everything so easily and I'm really excited to watch my account grow with her help”
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Hand your FB ads management over to an industry expert

This isn’t your first rodeo. You know that Facebook ads are confusing AF and you’ve got better things to worry about. You also know that successful ads don’t exist in a vacuum.

As an Elite Facebook Ads Manager, I draw on my six years of digital agency experience to execute highly clickable, strategic campaigns for ecommerce brands.

With all that experience, I know one thing for sure:

When it comes to selling online, content is Queen.

Profitable Facebook ad campaigns rely on good content

That’s right, folks. Brands cannot live on ads alone.

But add compelling, evergreen video content to the equation and you’ve got what you came for: higher converting Facebook ads in less time.

Plus, you can log out of bloody Business Manager — for good!

Play Video
Play Video

One Facebook ads specialist.
One compelling content creator.

You’ve found THE Facebook ads management package that ticks all the boxes.

Together, we’ll take your business from best-kept-secret to top-of-mind in just three months.

Get total access to my strategic, Facebook-obsessed brain — so you can stop stressing and sell more things. And get connected to my right hand woman: an Instagram Reels expert with a penchant for irresistible video content. 

I’ve designed this partnership with small to medium-sized business bosses in mind — so you can run confident, consistent, calculated ads — and get your ideal clients eating out of your hand.

'Ads Haus has been a total game changer for our business'

‘Ads Haus has been a total game changer for our business’

Wondering if Ads Haus Facebook ads packages are right for you?

Maybe you’re looking to level up your profits and impact
Maybe you’ve been DIY-ing your Facebook ads with no clear strategy
Maybe your ideal clients are getting lost in the funnel
Maybe your conversions have tanked since Zuck’s latest update

No matter where you’re at, I’ve got a Facebook ads management package that’ll deliver:

Get ready to reunite with your time (and your sanity). This dynamic duo is primed to boost your visibility, nurture your ideal clients, and skyrocket your sales.

Illustration of a person leaning against an oversized mobile phone showing changes in data and investments

Playing it safe online has never been riskier.

And I get it.

Investing in your business is scary.

But here’s the thing: I earned my stripes as a Digital Advertising Director and Facebook Ads Specialist. Working with some of the brightest marketing teams on national campaigns taught me how to get the very best bang for each client’s buck.

And now I want to share it with you.

I understand how tricky and overwhelming the system can be.

Know what else I understand?

You don’t have to be a marketing professional. And don’t waste another second watching generalist content on YouTube.

I speak the language of Facebook ads — and I’m offering you unfettered access to my six years in the industry. Years that taught me what other Facebook ads managers won’t tell you.

If you want high-converting ads, consistent, engaging content across platforms is a must.

That’s why I’ve partnered with an expert content creator to truly elevate your Facebook ad campaigns and set you up for succes

Stop thinking you have to go it alone. Stop wondering whether you’re on the right track. (And FFS, stop boosting your posts willy-nilly!)

Data-driven, industry-leading campaigns paired with clickable, high-converting content?

Only at Ads Haus.

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The Facebook ads specialist

I earned my stripes as a digital advertising director in marketing agency land. Working with national brands, every day was a data deep dive. And it gave me huge insight into the customer journey.

A big part of my role was working with other specialists. Sure, Facebook ads change over time, but there’s one thing that has always been true. Facebook ads are one part of the overall picture. They can’t be done in isolation.

These days, it’s my mission to show business owners like YOU how powerful Facebook ads can be. To give you the same opportunities as those big brands — while keeping a lid on your expenses.

I’m here to be your Facebook ads wingwoman. And with a marketing degree, an international business degree, and an Elite Ads Manager certification under my belt, you won’t find a more qualified data nerd to get your house in order.

(And if you’re not ready for full-time management, I also offer one-to-one Power Hour training consultations.)

The content creator

Meet Tanya. When it comes to social media content creation, she’s got serious street cred. Tanya’s a creative powerhouse. And she’s here to elevate your ad campaigns with the most addictive content on the ‘Gram: Instagram Reels.

No longer the new kid on the block, Reels are the best way to make your Facebook ads more compelling. They stop the scroll and you can use’em all over the shop. Because consistency across platforms (hello, holistic strategy!) is the very best way to connect with your people — and explode your sales.

Together, we know that selling is serving.

We know that when it comes to cultivating relationships online, serving is Queen.

And we’ve got the strategic, creative, and optimisation chops to connect you with the exact clients who need your solutions.

You’ll get the best possible bang for your buck — in less time and with less stress — with Ads Haus Facebook ad management packages.

Stop freaking out about Facebook ads —
get your house in order today

Facebook Ad Management Packages


From AUD$850
(ex GST) per month

Perfect for service-based or e-comm businesses

Your booking includes:

Power Haus: The Manor

(ex GST) per month

Level up your product based biz with Content Creation & Ads Management

Your booking includes:

Power Haus: The Mansion

(ex GST) per month

Our premium Content Creation & Ads Management Service

Your booking includes:

Two brains.

One goal.

Leveraging smart strategy, clear communication, good design, and captivating visuals, we’ll boost your brand, measurably improve your conversions — and load you up with content that can be used across platforms.

Got questions?

You know what they say: Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes time (and lots of testing) before optimisations start kicking in. During the first three months, we’re creating a funnel and getting to know your audiences. This process is an essential part of a long-term ads strategy.

Check out my Content and Coaching package if you’d prefer to learn how to manage your own ads (alongside our custom content).

Of course. I know how hard it is to create new content and I’m so happy to take some of that off your plate. You’re welcome to reuse your Power Haus Reels on your socials, website, or emails.

We create content throughout the month. This means we can target your ideal clients with the very latest data. If you’d prefer to get them all in one hit, just let me know.

Absolutely! If you’re already a content queen, choose the Half Acre service. You’ll get all the benefits of professional ads management AND keep being your own content creator.

No way. And I’d be sceptical of anyone in this game who did. That’s because there are so many factors that can affect ad performance. Things like your organic social media feeds, the speed and layout of your website, just to name a few.

What I do offer is a holistic approach. After a deep dive into everything that could affect your conversions, I’ll give you the skinny on anything you need to do to get the best possible results.

Get your house in order
(and get unstoppable)
with Ads Haus