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Running facebook ads is like building & maintaining a home

You want your guests to feel welcomed and relaxed when they arrive. You also want to build something you’re proud of.

With Facebook advertising, your guests are your audience and customer, while your house is your brand.
When you work with Ads Haus, you’ll feel that you’ve built a house ethically, sustainably and profitably. And you’ll feel confident knowing that your house will evolve with you and your guests as you grow.

How Ads haus can help

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If you are new to Facebook Ads, the best option for you is to invest in our first two services: a 1:1 Training or a Power Hour session.

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If Facebook Ads don’t scare you anymore and you are ready to up your game, your options are: a Power Hour session, Strategy, or Ads Campaign Management.

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Training - The homeowner's manual

Let’s face it, Facebook Business Manager and Ads Manager can be overwhelming platforms when you’re starting out. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a manual to refer to over and over again to help you feel more confident and master DIYing your advertising campaigns?

This training is designed to help you understand the platform, set up your advertising campaigns and move forward into the world of paid ads confidently.

This training package includes:

This is for you if:

Power Hour - Spring Cleaning

Maintaining a home that you’re proud of means doing chores from time to time. And the same can be said about maintaining your ad campaigns.

As an experienced Facebook Marketer I have worked with some of Australia’s best online businesses to help them achieve growth. I have my finger on the pulse within the industry (you will often see me nerding out with additional training). I’ll help you get unstuck, clean up your campaigns, or understand your data so you can optimise for future campaigns.

This package includes:

This is for you if:

Your investment: $240 AUD

Strategy - The Blueprint for Adding Value

When you’re ready to add value to your marketing, you’re ready for a custom strategy. Just like you add value to your house with a renovation, you add value to your business with an advertising strategy that’s backed by Ads Haus expertise.

Imagine entering the world of DIY Facebook and Instagram Ads with a well thought out and carefully curated plan of attack developed just for your business to ensure you aren’t wasting money in the wrong areas.

With this package, you’ll get a powerful document filled with expert positioning and messaging that will help you connect and convert.  All you need to do is copy, paste and publish your campaign within Ads Manager – straight from your personalised strategy. With a completed Ads Haus strategy, the heavy lifting is done for you, before spending a single dollar in ad spend.

This package is standalone or complementary to the training package.

This package includes:

This is for you if:

Ad Campaign Management - The Full Service

If you’d rather sit back while the professionals build, design and maintain your home, then this package is perfect for you. This is where the magic happens through testing, measuring and adjusting when optimisations opportunities appear. I watch your campaign like a hawk and get you where you want to be.

Ads Haus will create a custom strategy, build and manage your monthly advertising campaigns so you can feel confident growing your brand. I provide full transparency on every aspect of your campaign’s performance and have some serious street cred to back myself in the land of Facebook Ads.

This package includes:

Pricing is determined by:

Package investments start at: $650 AUD/month

Please note that I’m only able to take on a limited number of management clients per month.

Who is Ads Haus Campaign Management for?

Unlike big agencies, you won’t feel like just another number in the invoicing system. However, to ensure I’m able to give my undivided attention to my clients, I’m only able to take on a limited number of management clients per month.

So we’re both set up for success, please read the below criteria before filling out the contact form if you wish to apply for Campaign Management:

Need more than Facebook Ads to run your business?

I’m connected with other marketers and services providers who are experts in different digital marketing fields. Together we can help your business stand out and succeed. Get in touch to find out more.

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