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Facebook, Instagram & Spotify advertising specialists for online businesses looking for through the roof results.

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custom social advertising

Stop the scroll with custom social advertising informed by human behaviour — and keep ’em keen with optimised, psychology based strategies designed for results.

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Ready for swoon-worthy Meta results without the stress of management?

We bet you are.

We know the struggles when it comes to Meta management, and what you really want. Ads Haus founder, Tenai Seymour, has been that audience, as a successful e-commerce store owner herself. 

What do you know? You know that Facebook ads are confusing AF and you’ve got better things to worry about (like growing your business). You also know that a lot of the time, they’re your ticket to profit-central (if they’re done well). 

As a human-centred biz with a focus on keeping things collaborative, Ads Haus founder Tenai Seymour has cut her teeth in the Meta world helping businesses in every corner of the globe, big and small, grow their profits, and in turn growing her own successful e-commerce business. She has worked with some of the brightest marketing minds in the industry, leading digital advertising campaigns and Meta ads worldwide, helping brands reach over $100m in annual sales and break into the international market.

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Profitable facebook ad campaigns rely on top-tier strategy

That’s right, folks. Brands cannot live on cool content alone.

What makes a profitable business? Big time strategy and adapting it to smaller budgets. Consistent email marketing tied into a holistic marketing plan. Combining powerful organic marketing and paid advertising to create a natural funnel for sales – time & time again. 

What do we do differently to other Meta management specialists, though?

Simple. We make time for you. With an extremely limited number of management spaces available, Ads Haus clients get our undivided attention – meaning the optimisation, focus and strategy that goes into your campaign is second to none. 

Trust us – that’s rare in today’s busy online world.

We help you understand WHERE ads fit as a part of your overall marketing strategy – at the end of the day, they’re just one piece of the puzzle (and you need to know all of the details). 

We are proactive, rather than reactive, our honed expertise within the Meta Platform means we know what is working in the Metaverse right now (not implementing redundant strategies).

So – what do you say – want to be part of our Haus?

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