Looking for a Facebook Ads Specialist?

So you have probably had a sneaky website stalk (you’re welcome) and finally stumbled across this page because you are interested in the face behind the brand.

Facebook ads expert at your service

I am Tenai, a mother, a partner and a rescue lover (with two hairy sidekicks) who’s focus is on being a Facebook Ads specialist not a marketing generalist.

I am a data nerd at heart and get a secret kick out of building a well-planned strategic campaign, but the best part (for me that is) is getting down and dirty in the analytics data so I know every optimisation is carefully calculated and backed by data.

A brick wall painted in black has the words 'you are NOT Alone' painted on it in white and yellow
Tenai dressed in white sitting on a chair

Not everyone is a numbers ‘guy’ I get it...

It can be daunting, but imagine being able to not only see the success of your ads, but being able to see potential sticking points along the whole customer journey, imagine being able to see the exact point where potential customers fall off the conversion train – we can find it, you can fix it and then watch the conversions increase (sounds pretty good doesn’t it).

If you are looking for a Facebook marketing expert who...

…has the paper to show they know their stuff (Bach International Business (QUT), Bach Marketing minor psychology) with some serious street cred kicking serious goals and has been in the trenches with a variety small to mediums sized businesses Australia wide as a Digital Advertising Director for an agency…

then I am the mystical Ads unicorn you are after.

Illustration of a woman holding a sign with a smiley face in Ads Haus brand colours of navy and gold

Think of me as an extension of your business...

…or a digital cheerleader in your corner helping push your business to achieve the big plans you have been working towards.

So if you are looking for ways to have a bigger impact and make more money – it’s time to level up your Facebook Ads game, and luckily you are in the right Haus!

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No home office is complete without a couple of horse like hounds

aka the hairy sidekicks

Dutch (left) Is the guy who keeps it real, he is a man of few words and rarely gets excited by my brainstorming attempts, bring out a ball on the other hand and he is ready for action. 

Bean (right) on the other hand is a model co-worker, never complains, is always enthusiastic in team meetings and the best part is, she works for snacks and pats.