Facebook Ads Training

Learn to master Facebook ads from an expert

When it comes to Facebook ad campaigns — the devil’s in the details. But I’ve got the details down pat.

"In a world of online group courses, your personalised and genuine care is SO appreciated. Thank you!"
Sarre Guille
Her Hands

For savvy business owners who want to sweet talk Facebook Business Manager so they can stop fretting and make more sales.

Sometimes it feels like Facebook ads are deliberately confusing.

Wouldn’t it help to have a Facebook ads specialist (and Elite Ads Manager!) on tap to answer your curliest questions?

Get clear and confident with a 60-minute Facebook Ads Coaching Session — no matter where you’re at with ads.

The hardest thing about Facebook ads is understanding ALL THE THINGS. If you want to create and manage high-converting ads, you need to learn to troubleshoot.

And as a former marketing executive and Facebook ads specialist, I’m here to help.

Part Facebook whisperer. Part data nerd.
Facebook ads training will help you DIY with confidence.

Wondering if Facebook ads coaching is for you?

Maybe you’re new to FB ads and you don’t know where to start 🤷
Maybe you’re DIY-ing your Facebook ads and looking to scale 🧰
Maybe you need a hand understanding the reporting metrics 🤓
Maybe you’re after a sounding board and a confidence boost📣

Wherever you find yourself, my Facebook ads coaching can help you:

Whether you’re a new DIY-er or a seasoned pro, you’re about to get expert help to create a solid foundation for Facebook ads success.

Your Facebook Ads Power Hour is delivered online at a time that suits. And it’s 100% tailored to you! My brain is all yours for 60 minutes of strategy, optimisation, or trouble-shooting.

Playing it safe online has never been riskier.

And I get it. Investing in your business is scary.

But here’s the thing: I earned my stripes as a Digital Advertising Director and Facebook Ads Specialist. Working with some of the brightest marketing teams on national campaigns taught me how to get the very best bang for each client’s buck.

And now I want to share it with you.

I understand how tricky and overwhelming the system can be.

Know what else I understand?

You don’t have to be a marketing professional. And don’t waste another second watching generalist content on YouTube.

I speak the language of Facebook ads — and I’m offering you unfettered access to my six years in the industry. I’ll get you unstuck so you can have the impact you deserve.

Not only that, I’m  O B S E S S E D  with your success.

Stop thinking you have to go it alone. Stop wondering whether you’re on the right track. (And FFS, stop boosting your posts willy-nilly!)

This hour will change your business.

Take your Facebook ads from fixer upper to home sweet home

Get your house in order for a fraction of what you’d pay me to do it for you 🤯

Illustration of a faceless person wearing a hat and sitting on a transparent wall

Power Hour

Your booking includes*:

*Need to book after hours? I’m a busy mum – I get it. And I’m happy to find a time that suits you best.

Get clear, actionable advice for more profitable Facebook ads

— from $290 (ex GST)

Raise the Roof FB Ads Training

Your booking includes:

Get ongoing accountability, support, and troubleshooting over three weeks (and get ready to make bank)

just $850 (ex GST)

Got questions?

Absolutely. I’m here to help you with all things Facebook Ads. Whether you need a hand creating an ad campaign from scratch, understanding audiences, or getting a handle on ad creative — I’ve got you covered.

Heck. Yes. Facebook data is my jam.

That’s ok! It can be so valuable to have an expert cast their eye over your ads. I can give you insight into what’s working, what’s not, and what to test next.

Perfect. I tailor each session to suit your level of expertise. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a total newbie or a seasoned pro. And I’ve got a knack for breaking the system down in a way that makes sense. This eliminates roadblocks and ensures the very best bang for your buck.

Get your house in order
(and kick self-doubt to the curb!)
with Facebook Ads training