Client: Twigg Puzzles

Twigg Puzzles offers a range of bright puzzles with meticulously hand-drawn pieces. As a family of puzzle fanatics, they decided to create their own puzzle brand – something the whole family could be a part of! Today, their collection of puzzles includes the works of respected and loved artists throughout the world. More than just building bright, immersive puzzles, Twigg Puzzles brings families and loved ones together. 

How did we put together the pieces and run ads that achieved their highest revenue to date? Keep reading. We’re spilling some of our secrets…

The Challenge

This amazingly creative couple knew their business was unique. They’d had consistent growth year after year and outsourced their ads to a ‘big agency’. After mediocre results and exorbitant retainer fees, they were left feeling like just a number.

Determined to bring their ads in-house, Kelly & Dave initiated coaching sessions to learn how to run them inhouse. With the lead-up to their peak season, Kelly & Dave moved to a Management package so they could move their focus to other areas in the business. With a curated and multi-pronged approach, Ads Haus secured their most successful peak season to date.  Hitting KPIs earlier than expected, stock shortages put a cap on the potential revenue that could be achieved during Nov 2023.

The Solution

Diving into the data we were able to understand the specifics of their audience and started adapting messaging based on pain points and solutions specific to the older demographic.  We focused heavily on filling the top of the funnel with a long lead time, which allowed for a larger, warm audience to re-target the seasonal promotion.


Personalised Coaching Moving to ongoing Ads Management


Client insight

“After many months of frustration dealing with large agencies, we managed to find the Ads Haus. Tenai and her team has literally changed the way that we do business and we are finally seeing results. Tenai brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and we rely on her creative and business insights to guide our business forward. We also love the fact that Tenai always has a “can do” approach and willing to take on our feedback to adapt and change. We love working with the Ads Haus and will continue on our journey of learning and growth”- Thanks again! Kelly & Dave