Client: Ippico

Ippico, an equestrian brand founded in 2015, started when the owner saw a need for quality equine products that were also affordable whilst remaining durable. The brand has changed throughout the years, adapting to market trends and changes in the economy. As far as e-commerce stores go, Ippico captures a particular niche audience and brings a new sense of style and pizazz to a coveted hobby and sport. 

How does a light and fun brand like this put its products in front of a targeted audience with such high competition in the paid media? Read on as we share our process. 

The Challenge

In 2022 the owner approached Ads Haus (literally in tears) after becoming stuck in a perpetual sales cycle rut.  They had created an ecosystem for their current clients that meant if they weren’t on sale, then people were not buying. Their current audience had been exhausted. The brand needed to bring its quality and price into better alignment.

The Solution

The focus was to break the need to be on sale constantly, and that meant looking for a new audience that was not conditioned to the previous sale habits. The client focused on reducing the product range, tailoring their offers to those that aligned with the new direction of the brand. 

The ideal audience would see products that were profitable and proven sellers, minimising risk and optimising opportunity. Ippico also underwent a rebrand as part of this exercise. Ads were focused purely at the top of the funnel, attracting a fresh new audience at the beginning of their customer lifecycle.

Ippico has remained an ongoing Ads Management Client since early 2022.


Ads Management & Short-term Organic social media post Re-brand

Monthly Ad Spend Budget: $2,000 – $3,000

Screenshots of results

Client insight

“In 2021, I was in a desperate state and struggling with my Facebook ads. Discovering Ads Haus through Instagram was a game-changer. Tenai, with her unique boutique approach, understood my products and audience, turning my content into killer ads that significantly boosted my revenue. She’s not just a digital marketer; she’s my strategist, psychologist, and business coach. Tenai has well and truly positioned my business for the future, she has increased by revenue significantly which has allowed me to move towards wholesale opportunities. I can honestly say I found the mystical unicorn of Facebook advertising! We are seeing a significant increase in website traffic, engagement and conversions and I am truly excited to see where the future will take us. ”, Naomi, Ippico