Client: Campaign Del Mar

Welcome to your strategic and creative marketing ecosystem, a tight knit community offering the best-in-class marketing training.

Campaign Del Mar is renowned for not just giving marketers and business owners alike “a fish” but, better yet, teaching them to fish.

After two successful sell-out rounds of Campaign Classroom, Ads Haus was engaged to run the enrolment campaign for the Nail Your Email Marketing Course. Within a limited timeframe, we were able to achieve a direct conversion rate of 17.39%

We’ll show you how much fun WE had with this campaign – read on! 

The Challenge

Mia truly is the queen in creating and executing strategic campaigns, creating, and nurturing her audience with an omnichannel approach. With a short timeframe (less than 2 weeks), we leaned into her highly engaged audience to promote the upcoming Nail Your Email Marketing Course with outstanding results.

The Solution

Highly successful (and quick) Retargeting Ads campaign to promote Campaign Del Mar’s “Nail Your Email Marketing Course”.

Final numbers:

Ad Spend  $700
Link Clicks 68
Unique Link Clicks59
Landing Page Views  46
The cost Per Landing Page (this is high because we were targeting REALLY warm audiences in a very short time frame)$15.22
Checkout Page 31
Checkout Rate  67.39%
Conversion Rate 17.39% (excellent)

We ran two retargeting audiences, Social Engagement vs Website Visitors & Leads, and the results were split down the middle with no clear winner. This showed us that Campaign Del Mar has a very invested audience that just needed a little nudge to get them over the line, they’re hot enough to sign up at very short notice.

The client’s KPI of 10 was blown out of the water, even with the campaign only running for one week. The client was super happy with the results. Once again, we saw the best results at the last minute, with most conversions signing up in the last two days.



A snapshot of the campaign results

Client insights

“We tried three different agencies before finding Ads Haus. I almost quit Meta ads because I was sick of cookie-cutter approaches and pseudo-strategies. Tenai knows her stuff and is a fair dinkum advertising strategist. We love bumping heads and creating marketing magic together. Ads Haus manages the ads for our online program cohorts, and most recently, they helped us achieve a 17% conversion rate. A stellar result.”, Mia, Campaign Del Mar